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Sebastopol Living Peace Wall

Honoring those who have worked nonviolently for peace and justice

To Nominate An Honoree


[email protected]               

Your nomination must include the following to be considered:

1. Your name and contact information. Be sure to include your zip code or city of residence.

2. The nominee's name and contact info.

3. Your relationship to the nominee.

4. A brief biography of the nominee. For example, place of birth, education, work, family etc. if known, or

     other background information that helps paint a picture of who the person is.

5. What they have done to promote peace and justice and why you feel they should be recognized for their work.

        * No.5 should be no longer than one page.

Please review the information below before sending in your nomination.


A. Who can nominate an honoree:  You must be a Sonoma County Resident to make a nomination. Y0u cannot nominate yourself.

B.  Who can be nominated: Anyone you feel has demonstrated a commitment to peace and justice through nonviolent action and peaceful resolution of conflict. No person who advocates for violent action or change will be considered.

They may be living or deceased, a local, national or international person. At least one person per year must be a Sonoma County Resident and / or a not well known figure who has worked without public recognition

for peace and justice.

C. Nominations must be received by January 15 to be considered for that year's September induction.

D. The Living Peace Wall Selection Committee will select four nominees to be added to the Peace Wall each year. After final approval by the Sebastopol City Council, their names will be inscribed on the wall and their biography and their work for peace and justice will be added to this website for all to see. Honorees will also be invited to attend a public induction ceremony at the peace wall in mid September. 

* Nominees that were not chosen for a particular year will remain in the pool and remain eligible for up to five years . It is our intention that as many deserving people as possible will eventually be honored.


A. Length of time involved in peace / justice activism

B. Experience in organizing peace and justice activities, such as events, marches, letter writing etc.

C. Leadership experience

D. Behind the scenes activities, such as phone calls, e mails, mailings, graphic design etc.

E. Articles, books, poems written

F. Involvement in special projects which promote peace and justice

G. Involvement in non-violent resolution of conflicts

H. Have demonstrated a commitment to non-violent approaches in their communications and actions in the

     spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, who strove to treat even their fiercest adversaries with

     respect. In other words, keeping the rhetoric non-violent too.

I. General recognition by the peace and justice community to be deserving.